Snowbirds plus many other walks of life are now vacationing for months at a time
Explosive demand for monthly vacation rentals has hit an all-time high for 5 months in a row, according to The Snowbird Company! According to The Snowbird Company's founder, Sean Beckham "2021 has become the year of the monthly vacationer, with leads peaking in February, and continuing into every subsequent month". He added that "Vacationing for months at a time was once reserved for Snowbird travelers, but we're seeing a surge in inquiries from all walks of life, from traveling nurses to home buyers awaiting construction to either start, or experiencing construction delay. Also, many new post-pandemic circumstances have emerged as business owners and corporate employees alike are simply choosing an often-times safer but also more scenic place to live with the remote working, as well as remote schooling options having become commonplace new options for families."

Tourism is one of the fastest growing industries in the world and the vacation rental business is one of the most important sectors driving the growth, as people are deciding to live and work from scenic locales. Not only the nightly/weekly mainstream vacation rental market, but also the monthly vacation rental market has hit it's stride. This increasingly popular way of living somewhere for months at a time has opened up a whole new way of traveling that appeals to multiple generations and people from all walks of life.

Some monthly travelers such as Snowbirds are increasingly seeking rentals this year, even more than years past. Also, other monthly guests in post-pandemic world have joined the lifestyle trend - some examples are:

  • Diplaced/Disaster Victims
  • Surging number of guests/families able to work remotely
  • Surging tech trend of business owners able to work remote
  • Corporate Relocations (not listing old home yet)
  • Surging corporate employees able to multi-month vacation safer/more desirable areas
  • Relocating American & International retirees ‘try before you buy’ of areas
  • Families/Couples desiring ‘scenic living’ (& furnished) for price
  • Military
  • Home-build delayed
  • Starting home-build

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