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To keep a steady income stream and to avoid dealing with tasks associated with frequent renter turnover, many property owners and managers turn to niche markets like families looking for annual leases in traditional neighborhoods or long-term rentals in vacation-like settings.

Offer Security, Get Security

If you have a home, apartment, condo, or other type of property that you want to keep filled to get guaranteed income every month, or so you don't have to hassle with renter turnover issues, list your property on LongTermRentalsByOnwer.com. Targeting your marketing on niche rental websites like LongTermRentalsByOwner.com places you directly in front of renters who want the same things as you: assurances and less troubles.

Renters who typically seek out monthly rentals are usually families looking for an annual lease so that they can have a feeling of "home." Or, they're families who want to have a sense of roots while enjoying a home in a lively setting, such as property near the beach in a part of town with great shopping and restaurants. Property owners and managers who normally rent to this market have access to millions of qualifies leads on LongTermRentalsByOwner.com. Owners and managers who often prefer short-term vacation rental-style agreements may find that long-term arrangements offer more revenues as renters pay a premium for extended stays specialized properties.

It's easy to list your property on LongTermRentalsByOwner.com. and it's simple to micro-target better-qualified leads based on the answers you provide to a short series of questions posed during the set-up process. If you say you're close to museums, public transportation, great schools, or other desired locations, you can boost your chances of scoring that perfect renter looking for proximity to these attractions. Have a property that's also pet friendly or boat friendly? Simply opt-in to other CLEARLe niche rental websites during set-up and show up in front of more specialized potential renters.


Our goal is simple:

  • Attract Committed Renters – Create a listing that specifically appeals to niche renters who are only looking for long-term rentals.
  • Micro-Target More Niche Renters – Enter your property information on one central hub in the CLEARLe niche rental network and opt-in to target more specialized renters like those looking for pet and boat-friendly properties.
  • Steady Income Stream – Keep your property booked for a year or more, and enjoy monthly income, even on your vacation rentals.
  • Easy Administration – Make changes to pricing, deposit requirements, photos, and other property details without having to administer these changes on multiple websites. LongTermRentalsByOwner.com is a one-stop shop for you to display updated information to millions of qualified renters.

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